At Royal Wellness Kbh , we treat various diseases. We use various special  physiotherapeutic techniques to help our patients.


Familiarize yourself with our physiotherapy treatments to know how to prepare for an appointment. We treat with manual therapy,  needles and other specialized itmes  (IASTM), cups and fitness equipment. 

If you are a new patient we recommend you to make an appointment for Physiotherapy Session 60 min

Before your first  visit you will be asked to complete a questionnaire about your medical history.

Below we present the diseases we treat 


Head & Neck


Elbow & Wrist

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Ankle & Foot

  • Migraine

  • Whiplash injury

  • Tension headache

  • Discopathy

  • Brachialgia

  • Tennis elbow

  • Golf elbow

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome

  • De Quervain's syndrome

  • Rotator cuff inflammation

  • Frozen shoulder

  • Dislocation of shoulder joint

  • Superior Lambrum Anterior to Posterior (SLAP)

  • Subacromial impingement syndrome

  • Groin injury

  • Piriformis syndrome

  • Quadriceps injury

  • Iliotibial band tension syndrome ITB

  • Anterior cruciate ligament rupture (ACL)

  • Posterior cruciate ligament rupture (PCL)

  • Meniscus injury

  • Baker's cyst

  • Patellar ligament enthesopathy

  • Ankle sprain

  • Ligaments injury

  • Disease states after immobilization

  • Discopathy

  • Scoliosis

  • Degenerative changes/lesions of the joints and backbone

  • Muscle failure


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1160 københavn K      

+45 91 63 92 52

CVR:  40127909

Opening hours

Monday  closed ( only emergency)

Tuesday - Thursday          09:00 - 20:00

Friday                                      09:00 - 18:00

Saturday                                08:00 - 18:00

Sunday                                   09:00 -  16:00

We have no reception so please

e-mail  or  send sms to contact us if you have any questions. 


Cancellations must be made no later than 24 hours before treatment starts.

If the customer does not show up for an appointment and does not inform about it a fee of 70% of the treatment costs will be charged.