How to find the Amagertorv 14b address?

The main entrance to the clinic is common with entrace of  Scarpa Shop, so please find the logo of  Scarpa and just go through a long corridor.  You will see an elevator. 
You have to press the button Heart House sal 4 or Herat House sal 3 

You will get SMS from your therapist which floor  you will have therapy on. 


Booking an appointment

Is obligatory to make an online booking. 



By card, MobilePay, in cash

 General Physiotherapy sessions and Urogynecological session- how looks like ? 

 What happens during a general physiotherapy session?

If you are considering physiotherapy for an injury or have already been referred by a doctor or other healthcare professional and wondering what to expect from your treatment sessions, let us walk you through our standard approach.


Initial Assessment

Each physiotherapist’s initial assessment approach will differ slightly and will depend on the specific client and injury. In general terms, there are three main parts of an initial assessment:

1. Subjective History – Your physiotherapist will start with a conversation about your current concerns, signs, symptoms and pain patterns, a review of your past medical history, medical notes, any diagnostic tests (MRIs, X-rays, CT scans, etc.), and a discussion about your goals of physiotherapy

2. Objective Assessment – Your physiotherapist will complete a physical assessment, including assessments of joint range of motion, strength, reflexes, sensation, functional movements, balance, endurance, etc. and any other assessments that are relevant to your current injury or neurological disorder. The objective assessment also includes a postural analysis in a seated and/ or standing position. If you are a wheelchair user or have a mobility device, your physiotherapist can also assess how well you are using it and if it is appropriate for you.

 3. Summary / Treatment Plan Following a detailed assessment, your physiotherapist will discuss their assessment findings and diagnosis with you, the potential cause(s) of the problem, and the most effective treatment plan for your current diagnosis and your individualized goals.


The initial assessment at Royal Wellness is scheduled for one hour. This will include time to provide physiotherapy treatment at the clinic.


Treatment Session


After your initial assessment session, subsequent treatment sessions will be based on your physiotherapist’s recommendations and your goals. Physiotherapy treatment can vary widely, but will usually include one or more of the following:

  • Therapeutic exercises and home exercise programs

  • Education about your injury, activity modifications, posture, etc.

  • Manual therapy – including stretching, joint mobilizations, and soft tissue massage / release

  • Dry needling

  • Neurological rehabilitation based on the NDT/ Bobath approach

  • Pelvic floor therapy

  • Orthotics or physiotherapeutic equipment recommendations

  • Vestibular rehabilitation

  • Injury prevention

  • Referral to water/ hydrotherapy


Treatment sessions can be shorter (as quick as 15 minutes) or longer (up to 90 minutes) than the initial assessment, depending on the physiotherapy treatment required by that client.


What can you expect during an urogynecological  physiotherapy session? 


Therapist will start with a questionnaire which includes many questions .

A questionnaire asking about various aspects of your bladder, bowel and sexual symptoms.

A typical examination may include:

  • An examination of the external genital area. While this may be uncomfortable for some, it is important for your physio to check the skin for signs of infection, age-related changes and prolapse.

  • When performing an external examination, your physio may also ask you to try to contract the pelvic floor muscles, so they can see what happens from the outside in the vulva and your abdomen when you do this.

  • An internal vaginal examination may be performed. Your physio will use one or two gloved fingers to check the pelvic floor muscles internally. They can also check for prolapse and any tender or tight areas internally. They will ask you to contract and relax the muscles several times. This will usually be done lying down, but sometimes your physio may ask to check these muscles while you stand or sit.

  • therapist will check  your posture in standing and sitting, and the way you move


Physiotherapist will prepare an initial treatment plan for you, discussing your problem with a detailed explanation.

The therapy will be based on manual treatments, re-education of correct muscle tension, work on the muscle tone of the abdominal muscles and deep floor muscles, work with the diaphragm, also kinesiotaping and individual exercises. Additionally your  physiotherapist  will give you advice on returning to physical activity, indications and contraindications for performing normal activities at home or work.



No, you do not need a doctor’s note to see a physiotherapist.

A doctor’s referral is not required to see any health professional that is regulated by legislation that governs their professional college, like a danish therapist who are certified by the Styrelsen for Patientsikkerhed. These regulatory colleges serve to protect the public, making sure healthcare professionals are safe, ethical, and competent.

Many clients believe that they require a doctor’s note to receive appropriate treatment from a registered physiotherapist, when in fact, a registered physiotherapist has the ability to diagnose disorders, dysfunction, and injuries that are within the scope of their practice. Depending on your physiotherapist’s training and clinical background, this may include musculoskeletal injuries, neurological disorders, and cardiorespiratory illnesses. The physiotherapist’s assessment and your specific goals will determine the appropriate course of treatment.

Health and accident insurance


Royal Wellness Kbh runs outside of public health insurance. You will therefore not receive any reimbursement even if  you have a doctor's referral.

It is different what and how much the various health and accident insurance covers in connection with your physical therapy treatment. Some companies cover a share of the amount and others cover the full amount. Royal Wellness  works outside public health insurance and you should therefore be aware of whether your insurance company covers this. You can see more about how the various insurance companies cover your treatments with a physical therapist here.   Royal Wellness Kbh can settle with most insurance companies.