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These therapies are safe and effective.

Each person will be thoroughly examined by a physiotherapist and on this basis the safest and most effective therapy will be planned.

You will be treated by MSc physiotherapist, postgraduate student of professional coaching and clinical sexology, passionate about sport and healthy lifestyle. 

We encourage interested patients to cooperate with us, as only fully completed therapies will allow us to use the collected results for further scientific research. 


The therapies include mostly physiotherapy treatments (body work, manual therapy), aspects of psychology and coaching as well.

The following diagram shows the way of our work.


Nadawanie priorytetów ICE Burza Mózgów Prezentacja (3).png
Royal wellness kbh (5).png
Nadawanie priorytetów ICE Burza Mózgów Prezentacja (1).png

The elements that are included in our therapies:
advanced soft tissue manual therapy 
tool therapy
breathing re-education,
gait re-education,
posture correction
relaxation techniques
autogenic training by Schultz`/Jacobson

personalised exercises , systematic measurement of the range of movement

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