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Stress & Anxiety Therapy it is a combination of manual therapy, psychotherapy, meditation and relaxing techniques (Jacobsen or Schultz therapy).

Merging of those 4 mentioned components ensures maximum effectiveness of the therapy.

The course of therapy is tailored to your needs, so the proportions of the 4 components will vary.


The therapy is recommended for:


  • those who cannot cope with stress and/or its effects (mental or physical),

  • those who have problems with effective rest due to excessive over-thinking,

  • those who constantly feel anxious and have excessive vigilance mode turned on.



You will learn:

  • how to react to a stress factor before it takes over your body

  • how to recognize characteristic body ailments caused by stress

  • how to rest effectively in any situation, after a few sessions you will have the knowledge that allows you to perform self-therapy

  • many relaxation techniques and understand physiology of stress

Price for Stress & Anxiety Therapy

1500 kr 90 min

( for students and people under 25 , 1000 kr)

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