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Therapy is the fruit of several years of work, in-depth research of the most common disease of civilization, which is back pain.

Above all, the desire to create a simple and effective therapy for a relatively quick improvement in the quality of motor spine functions.


It is a medical training program whose main goal is to restore the physiological range of motion in spinal joints, optimize tension of the back muscles, adjust all anatomical back components, correct the acquired pathological movement patterns and educate in the field of caring for the back vitality.

Who is the therapy recommended for?

The program is dedicated to all those who:

  • lead a sedentary job style

  • suffer from chronic back pain

  • do not have time for exercise and prevention

  • want to collect professional knowledge about condition of their musculoskeletal system and be aware of any potential risk of injury 


What benefits will I receive after completing the program?

First of all, you gain knowledge that allows you to consciously change your lifestyle for the benefit of extending life of your spine.

Already after the first treatment you will feel a significant difference. This will improve the mobility of spinal joints, more slack in the back. With each subsequent session you will experience more therapeutic changes in your back.


4 weekly sessions allows the body to habituate to new healthy habits.



  • recent spinal injury (discopathy, spondylolisthesis, fractures, severe bruises)

  • recent surgeries and treatments of the spine or adjacent body parts

  • advanced degenerative changes of the spine not eligible for therapy

  • surgical spinal stiffening with screws, implants, etc

  • Is necessary to consult before starting therapy in order to analyze and discuss the state of health and the course of therapy. The final decision to start therapy or disqualification is made by the therapist. 

Therapy is safe and effective, performed under the supervision of a qualified therapist.


Preparation for therapy and its course

Therapy takes the form of exercises and manual therapy. Therapy is collaborative, where the therapist is your mentor and driving force, giving you guidance, but know that your commitment is key.

The first visit includes a detailed discussion of your health condition. We set therapy priorities, make initial measurements of joints mobility. 

From that moment we work together to meet up in 5 weeks and analyze the final effect.

We confront the measurements taken during the first visit with your feelings and raise a toast to victory :)


An initial consultation is required before starting therapy.

The price of the consultation is kr 500, but if you qualify for the therapy and decide to start it - we do not charge the consultation fee. In the absence of our consent to start therapy * for health reasons, we also do not charge for consultation.

Price for the entire 4 weeks therapy is 6.000 kr ( possible to pay in 2 installments ) 

The price includes ( Initial consultation, 4 times 90 min sessions, 5th summary session, fitness equipment for you).

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