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We work according Gestalt method of psychotherapy.


Familiarize yourself with the general description of the therapy and see if it is dedicated to you.

Gestalt psychotherapy is a type of humanistic psychotherapy based on the conviction of human complexity. It is an approach formulated on the basis of the theory of homeostasis, according to which every person strives to achieve and maintain harmony.

Gestalt psychotherapy emphasizes a sincere and direct relationship with the therapist and focusing on specific difficulties occurring in the present time. The key element of therapy is the existential dialogue between the client and the psychotherapist. In the intervals between meetings, various tasks, tests and experiments are also used, which accelerate and increase the effectiveness of therapy. Gestalt therapy works very well not only in the fight against depression, phobias or emotional problems, but also in the case of people who want to develop emotionally and strive for self-realization.



The aim of the therapy is to increase the client's self-awareness towards enjoying life and to show how to solve problems using inner strength and own abilities. The client gets to know himself better, discovers his dormant potential, achieves inner harmony, learns the truth about himself, gets rid of stereotypes about himself and becomes aware of his limitations, which in turn makes his life easier.

Therapy is dedicated to you if:

  • you are critical of yourself 

  • you judge yourself very much - and often negatively

  • you tend to compare yourself to others

  • to feel good enough you need recognition

  • you have difficulty expressing your honest opinion

  • you have difficulty getting up in self-defence

  • you hold back from doing things because you don't feel good enough for it (for example, looking for a new job or following new paths in life)

Initial Consultation 0kr 

Price for Mental Training Session

1500 kr 90 min

( for students and people under 25 , 1000 kr)

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