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Our signed massage is a pure journey to the inner.
By using flow-based massage techniques and sophisticated deep relaxing 
music you will feel like you are in another dimension.

You will be slowly moving into a state of semi-sleep, which makes your body less responsive to the stronger pressure- that we so often use to overstimulate over-tensioned tissues.

By choosing the massage option, you get a fully personalized massage. 

Welcome to snoring ! :)

At the beginning of each appointment we conduct a short conversation so that your therapist can create the most effective massage program.


We do not perform massages at the client's request( e.g I want a sports massage, I want a deep tissue massage ) because as a professional place we take responsibility for the course and effect of each massage. However, you can inform us before a tretment starts that you like e.g deep tissue massage, relaxing massage, classical or sports massage, then we could provide you very tailored massage. 


We would like to mention, especially for new clients, that Royal Wellness KBH is professional clinic and does not offer any sexual activities, erotic massage, tantra, oriental, etc.

Prices for Signed Massage:

45 min 675 kr

60 min 900 kr

90 min 1350 kr

120 min 1800kr 

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