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Urogynecological physiotherapy is a new field dealing with pelvic floor dysfunctions. A urogynecological physiotherapist helps to cure various ailments related to the genitourinary system. Pregnant and postpartum women, as well as women suffering from urinary incontinence or prolapse of the reproductive organs, most often visit our clinic. 

When is it worth deciding on urogynecological physiotherapy?


The services of a urogynecological physiotherapist are worth using in many situations. The therapy will help clients deal with various dysfunctions that significantly deteriorate the quality of everyday functioning.


Urogynecological physiotherapy in pregnancy

A proper therapy helps to clients fight the pain associated with sciatica and back pain and will implement prophylaxis to protect against separation of the pubic symphysis and rectus abdominis muscles.

Urogynecological physiotherapy after childbirth

The support of a urogynecological physiotherapist will be extremely useful after childbirth. During therapy, we work on reducing the pain of the pubic symphysis and linea alba hernia. The therapy will ensure a faster return to shape - both after natural childbirth and after a caesarean section.

Urogynecological physiotherapy for urinary incontinence

Urogynecological physiotherapy will help strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, alleviating or completely eliminating stress incontinence, neurological incontinence, urgency incontinence and lowering of organs in the pelvic area.


Urogynecological physiotherapy for intercourse problems

Urogynecological physiotherapy can be helpful in the case of problems with intercourse. Thanks to the appropriately matched exercises, the specialist will help restore satisfaction with sexual relations. They will alleviate the ailments associated with post-treatment adhesions, excessive tension of the pelvic floor muscles or impaired mobility of the reproductive organs that may occur after childbirth.

Urogynecological physiotherapy as health prophylaxis

Treatments by a urogynecological physiotherapist will be an effective preventive health measure, preventing problems with the genitourinary system in the future. During the visits, we teach our clients how to properly lift and carry heavier objects, sneeze and cough,  pass urine and stool so as not to weaken the pelvic floor muscles.


We also teach :

Perineal Massage to avoid perineal trauma during natural childbirth.

Prices for Urogynecological Physiotherapy:

45 min 675kr 

60 min 900kr

90 min 1350 kr

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