Therapeutic Massage with ergonomic diagnostics 


30 min - 450 kr
45 min - 675 kr
60 min - 900 kr
90 min- 1350 kr
120 min- 1800 kr

Therapeutic massage is especially recommended for people suffering from back pain.

This massage is a therapeutic procedure that covers the entire spine: the muscles of the back, nape, neck and the wing of ilium bones.

It reduces muscle and fascial tension while increasing the flexibility and strength of ligaments and joint mobility. Thanks to this massage, the ability to function normally in everyday life increases dramatically. A properly selected formula of preparations with relaxing and analgesic effects, combined with specialist massage techniques, will relieve muscle tension and bring relief so that you could fully enjoy life.

The best results are achieved by using a series of massages (5-10 massages at 1-2 day intervals). Massages may vary, as the condition of your muscles also changes and the techniques are selected individually to obtain the best possible therapeutic effect.

Practical info:

For this massage, you’ll remove your clothes, though you may choose to keep your underwear on. You’ll be covered with a  bedsheet while lying on the massage table. The massage therapist will move the sheet to uncover areas that they are actively working on.


Full body massage include ( the legs, feet, arms,  back, belly, upper chest, scalp, face, neck) doesn't include private parts.


30 or 45 min massage  - only back or  the whole back side ( legs, lower back, upper part, neck , scalp)

60 min massage-  whole body / the back side of the body

90 min massage - the full body massage ( excl: face, belly)  

120 min massage - full body + manual therapy or another physio treatments( chosen after an initial conversation with customers)