Pregnancy Massage

Shot of beautiful young physiotherapist

30 min - 450 kr
45 min - 675 kr
60 min - 900 kr

Prenatal massage uses a gentle pressure similar to Swedish massage. The therapist will focus on areas such as the lower back, hips and legs. You can be fully or partially undressed depending on your level of comfort. During the massage you will lie on your side or on a specially designed table with an abdomen cut-out. If you feel pain in your calves or other parts of your leg, consult your doctor before starting the massage

You can use a safely  Pregnancy massage from the 14th week if your hormone system is stable enough.  before we don't recommend and at Royal wellness kbh, we don't do Pregnancy massage during  I trimester of pregnancy. 

Practical info:

You can have a pregnancy massage while clothed or naked.


30 or 45 min massage - the whole back side ( only a gentle feet massage)

60 min massage -  the full body massage ( excl: belly and only a gentle feet massage )

90 min massage - the full body massage ( excl: face, belly)  

120 min massage - full body + manual therapy or another physio treatments( chosen after an initial conversation with customers) excl: belly