Instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization

If you have an injury or illness, you may benefit from physical therapy to help you move better and feel better. Your physical therapist (PT) will assess your condition and use various treatments and techniques as part of your rehab program. One such treatment is massage and myofascial release of tissues. There are various types of massage that PTs often use, and one such type is known as instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization or IASTM.

Instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization, also known commonly as Graston technique®, is a specialized myofascial release and massage technique used during physical therapy treatments. It is a relatively newer treatment that involves using metal or plastic tools to improve soft tissue mobility in your body. These ergonomically shaped tools help your PT massage and mobilize your muscles, fascia (the collagen covering your muscles), and tendons. This is thought to reduce pain and improve movement.


Not every patient should receive IASTM treatment. Your physical therapist can determine if you have certain impairments that may benefit from such treatment. These impairments may include:2

  • Limited mobility

  • Pain with motion

  • Loss of ROM

  • Decreased muscle recruitment

  • Excessive scar tissue formation

At Royal Wellness Kbh we perform IASTM technique combined with a Sports massage in order to obtain the best therapeutic effect. 


60 min 700kr 

Lomi Lomi Nui

deep relaxation massage

Lomi Lomi Nui is one of the most beautiful massages in the world. It is not a schematic massage and often goes beyond any framework. It is performed on the forearms to the rhythm of Hawaiian music and hula dance. Lomi brings very deep relaxation, gives you energy and distance to the world.




The Lomi Lomi Nui ceremony has a relaxing effect, improves circulation and stabilizes the nervous system. Lomi Lomi massage releases positive energies that contribute to the rediscovery of joy and willingness to live, and also brings to your consciousness a lot of light and love for everything that surrounds you and, consequently, leads to self-love. Through the massage, you can unblock suppressed feelings and emotions, dissolve tensions in the body and, above all, stimulate the healing powers of your body. After the massage, you will experience a feeling of lightness, bliss, satisfaction, fulfilment and perceive yourself as a person who faces the world and is not afraid of any changes.







Lomi Lomi Nui massage is a ritual that can help us achieve our intentions. This is a special kind of prayer. Therefore, it is good to know why we want to lie down on the table. It is worth asking ourselves what we wish to open up to in our lives. For something new to come, the old must be released. Every change starts with us. Increasing the level of energy, improving its flow, transforming the energy structures of our body in combination with intention and faith can work wonders.


Lomi is a powerful tool if we need a change if we are looking for inspiration, if we are entering a new stage in our lives or if we are to make an important decision.

Practical info

The massage is intended for massage connoisseurs


 Lomi Lomi is a  whole-body massage (except private parts) and is performed mainly with forearms


The massaged person remains naked


Maintaining contact with the client's body is an extremely important issue during the Lomi Lomi massage, which means that the therapist takes his hands off the client's body only once (when the therapist turns the client over to the other side of the body)


It is not an erotic massage, so any attempts to encourage the therapist to perform activities inconsistent with the course of the massage result in the interruption of the massage, as well as any sexual allusions, inappropriate behaviour ends in the therapist leaving the parlour


The price of the massage is adequate to the difficulty of the massage and the therapist’s involvement

Lomi Lomi Nui

90 min massage - 1000 kr


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